authentic leadership

Personal LEADership exploration – your journey to being authentic and inclusive

Location / Date
Online, dates on demand

What does it mean to be authentic in your actions? How can you be inclusive towards others? How can you build trust and have deep conversations? How do you currently lead your team or your projects?

When was the last time you took a moment for yourself to reflect on your leadership role?
Maybe this is the time …

The LEADership exploration is a brand new online seminar. As a participant, you will enter in a personal learning journey around leadership with experiential methods. You start from setting your own (leadership) intentions for the 4-week course and then explore through different online activities what fits and feels right for you. Further, you receive feedback from other participants and the trainer team on how they perceive you.

We invite you to take time for yourself. The course creates an opportunity to experience, reflect upon and broaden the knowledge, competences and skills related to authentic leadership. In this 4-week online course you will

  • work in an international group of professionals on your own topics
  • discuss what leadership in times of change means
  • go through experiential on-line leadership activities
  • explore what leading in an authentic way means for you
  • experience and practice deep listening
  • reinforce self-awareness, as well as the awareness of the impact you have on other people;
  • learn to build trust in other people especially in this times of uncertainty
  • get background knowledge on authentic and inclusive leadership
  • participate in 5 fun and meaningful on-line sessions
  • clarify in a personal coaching session your intention for the course (30 min)
  • take a second coaching session, when it suits your learning process (30 min)
  • go through moments of mindfulness
  • be supported by 3 trainers / coaches with diverse backgrounds

This LEADership exploration is for you, if

  • you are in a leadership position or soon will be
  • you want to enter into an active personal learning journey
  • you want to be socially connected despite the current situation of physical distance
  • you want to reflect with people from different countries about leadership and their challenges with it
  • you are searching for your own authenticity
  • you believe in diversity and want to be inclusive in your approach towards others

In this 4-week online exploration,  we will lead you through experiential learning activities, moments of reflection and discussion. We will offer mindfulness activities and individual support. Peer groups will be created to support the learning process.

The online sessions will not be recorded, as they build on personal experiences. Interesting content coming up in the online session will be supported through articles and videos.

Outline of the course

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Group activitiesOn-line session

(Fr 13.11. 15 – 18)

On-line session

(Fr 20.11. 15 – 18)

2 On-line sessions

(Mo 23. 11. &

Fr 27.11. 15 – 18)

On-line session

(Fr 4.12. 15 – 18)

Individual Sessions

30 min Coaching (Clarify intentions)

30 min coaching,

when it suits your learning needs

Peer learning1 hour1 hour1 hour
Personal time15 min / day15 min / day15 min / day15 min / day
Further reading 1-2 hours / week1-2 hours / week1-2 hours / week

Your contribution for the 4-week experiential online LEADership Exploration: € 990,-. If you want to sign up, please send a short message with you name to our office.

To facilitate a personalised and meaningful learning experience, we are offering this space for 4 – 12 people. The course starts with a minimum of 4 people.