Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

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Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Dates and venues on demand

This is a Long-term Training Course by the University College South Denmark (UCSYD), alp activating Leadership potential, Kamaleonte and Euroaccion. The Course is based on the latest research on neuroscience about emotions and leadership.

It is long term because YOU can

  • progressively enter into the contents and practices
  • give sustainability to your learning
  • alternate individual and group work, international and national
  • balance theory and experiences
  • benefit of systemic coaching
  • enjoy learning directly from home
  • use the itslearnig platform from UCSYD
  • attend a residential seminar, intense in pace, time and space


In details you will

  • increase your knowledge on Emotional Intelligence, on how emotions are generated according to the latest neuroscientific research and understand how these impact on our well being and decision making
  • develop knowledge on how Emotional Intelligence supports leadership practices and supports you in your working contexts
  • undergo experiences that allow you to acknowledge and become more aware of your emotional state and how this impacts your behavioural patterns
  • increase your awareness of the present moment, by experiencing it in your body, mind and heart, in order to become inner ready to act in a mindful way
  • develop skills to manage unexpected and frequent changes
  • acquire simple and effective practices that can be integrated in your personal environment (personal and professional) in order to cultivate resilience
  • explore the calming and healing effects of using natural essential oils, as a way of reconnecting with nature and restore a sense of well-being



The Training course is based on the latest research on and discoveries in neurosciences. It trains you in easily accessible and simple to apply practices. It combines the ancient tradition of meditation and the healing power of nature. This 3-months course is organised as a blended learning opportunity, which means a combination of on-site and off-site training. It consists of

  • pre-course interview
  • 3 online sessions ( 18.2.2019, 4.3. 2019, 18.3.2019 from 16.30 – 18.00)
  • 5-day residential course in Murcia, Spain from the 25th to 31st of March 2019 (incl. travel days) 
  • Coaching – personal and group sessions for fostering sustainability of learning
  • Feedback about your experiences and learnings

The course has a holistic approach and values the power of the here and now. The inspirational theories and main methodological approaches are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Experiential learning and reflective practices
  • Latest Neuroscientific researches on emotions
  • Nature and Aromatherapy


Profile of participants

This course is for leaders either currently in a leadership position or soon in a leadership position to come. You need to be willing to engage in a process of developing the emotional intelligence as key factor for your personal, organisational and social well-being and to commit to the whole 3-months learning process.

Practical details

Venue: Training centre “Casa del Trigo”, 7km from Caravaca de la Cruz, region of Murcia in Spain. It is in south of Spain, in a lovely green rural area and a spacious training centre.

Course fee: There are 5 scholarship available for participants from Austria, which cover the following costs:

  • 3 months blended learning course incl. the residential training
  • Accommodation in shared rooms for the residential training
  • Full board during the residential training
  • Travel support from Austria to Spain up to € 275,- (according to Erasmus+ rules)

If you are interested in applying for the 3-month blended learning course, please fill in the online application form.

This course is offered by Paola Bortini, Angelica Paci, Anne Rise and Irene Rojnik (Coaching).



“This course opened a new world to me”, Massimo

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