is a European project developing a platform with digital educational videos.

Alp is working in adult education with a focus on the topics of emotional intelligence and authentic and inclusive leadership. Again and again we are in the situation that we want to explain complex themes, but we can not find a tool to transport them in an clear way . We found that visuals and videos help to understand and remember complex content.

The project “VisEUalisation” has therefore the focus on developing innovative digital educational videos, which can be used by alp, but also by every person working in the field of education to raise awareness on specific topics. The focus of the topics of the alp videos will be on emotions, emotional intelligence, neuro-science, authentic and inclusive leadership. Our partners from Poland, Germany and Spain will also cover topics such as diversity, gender awareness, creative thinking, citizenship and entrepreneurship and ICT in adult education.

If you you interested in learning more about the project and see what is developed, then sign up at facebook for our  VIsEUalsiation site, where we post regularly the new pictures and videos coming out. Your feedback is also highly appreciated.

More details about the project you can also go to our project-website or  connect with us.

This project has been funded with the contract number 2018-1-PL01-KA204-050821