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Wonderful Italy is one of the newest innovating Italian Destination Marketing Companies, offering accommodation, tours and activities in Italy for guests from all over the World.

Italy is a well known touristic destination. Yet many destinations are still uncharted. These are often wonderful communities that haven’t grown to be accessible to the many.

Wonderful Italy helps these places open up to the world, working closely with locals to design and deliver the most exclusive stay to all guests



Why Italy: Palermo

Palermo is one of the most vibrant cities in Italy. It lies between the sea and the mountains, between traditions and an ever more quivering social revolution. At times decadent, often dazzling to the point of blinding. Here you will be able to enjoy the energetic and creative waves that have invaded the streets of the city with one workshop after another, from artisans of the past who inlay wood by hand to new artists who create objects with 3D printers. Walk in one of the greatest historical centres in Europe, discovering ancient and contemporary stories. Because Palermo is the street. Most of the social life is carried out on the road: in these streets you eat, you sell, you speak and you meet.

Why Italy: Ostuni

Ostuni waits for the travellers, appearing between the trees, and greets them from afar with its amazing purity and, almost like a lighthouse, indicates the path to follow to arrive at its heart. If from a distance the old town strikes every passerby, the tiny streets inside amaze even those who have lived in this town for many years. In those streets, in those special alleyways, the town retains an ancient energy: bakers, tailors, shoemakers, carpenters, watchmakers and all the artisans and artists who owned their workshops here seem to be from another era. The women who sit on the steps of their homes making the dough for orecchiette; the farmers who arrive with their carts to sell fruit and vegetables, the aroma of meatballs and fresh tomato puree envelops every inch of the village

Why Italy: Siracusa

In its streets and buildings, you can witness what remains of civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, Swabians, Aragonese and Arabs, who intertwined their cultures and tied themselves to Ortygia, giving it charm that is indescribable, but immediately perceptible. The market, filled with colors, is a place where tradition and innovation meet, old generations pass down tricks of the trade, but share a fondness for the new. The light, the glimpses of the sea between the houses, the baroque balconies, and the courtyards of historic buildings will be the scenery on your walk. The sky and the sea frame the white stone that bears the signs of this lands’ thousands of years of history, enveloping it at sunset with colorful shades, from blue to pink, leaving you speechless.

Why Italy: Portofino

Land of poets and sailors.The breeze that comes down the mountains takes you far away from shore. The breeze that comes from the sea takes you deep into the wildest dreams. This land is home to explorers of all kinds. This high-end destination is the stage of our VP-Level exclusive Coaching Chapters. Let the sights and the spirit of this wonderful location guide you through your own journey of discovery.

Our proposal: Mindfulness and educational retreats in Italy


Chapter 1:

The foundation of Inclusive Leadership


Chapter 2:

Knowing your strengths


Chapter 3:

Emotionally intelligent with mindfulness and essential oils





alp’s coaches

Angelica Paci

Has 10 years experience as a company adviser for designing and implementing quality systems (ISO 9001 standards) 12 years working in the field of non formal education; holds a Master degree in Italian Literature; expertise and interest around Leadership and Intercultural Learning with special focus on Experiential learning, facilitation of group learning processes and Learning to Learn; Activating Learning through games (gamification).

Irene Rojnik

15 years experience in working with International NGO; Master in communication; degree in mediation, master in systemic coaching and organizational development; expertise and interest around Leadership in connection with intercultural learning, diversity, genderequality, communication and conflict resolution. Working with the strengths of people, understanding the power of emotions and working with the body play an important role in her work.

Julia Braunegg

She is an experienced trainer, facilitator and moderator. She works in international settings, with large and small groups alike, always in a quest to foster understanding and bridge language and culture gaps. As a trainer, she focuses on leadership, group dynamics and visualisation, which she uses to support groups to think about their goals and change their realities

Maria Luisa Pagano

Over 30 years of working experience in the non-formal education field as trainer and youth worker, supporting the personal and professional development of young people and youth workers at national, European and international level. In the past 10 years, she focused her interest in supporting the development of key competences in youth workers and young people in the frame of lifelong learning approach.

Paola Bortini

Over 15 years experience of working with international NGOs and European institutions; holds a MA in European Comparative Social Studies; expertise and interest around Leadership and Learning with special focus on Learning to Learn and Theory U; done research on Intercultural Competence, Well-being and gamification for Activating Learning. Certified Coach Approach, AromaTouch and Mindfulness.


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