Meet MI talents – Workshop on Multiple Intelligences and Adult Learning Techniques in Literacy Training

26 – 30 March 2014, Vienna/Austria
Project code 
2013 – Nr 450/8/13

13 professionals from all over Europe gathered in Vienna to explore the use of the Multiple Intelligences for supporting learning in adult literacy work.

The exploration consisted in experiencing educational activities that embed the essence of the intelligences, 2 each day in big and small group work by getting out of the “seminar room” or “typical school setting” and using the city as learning environment as a way to trigger learning and to distance learning from pure knowledge.

The exploration was complemented with a set of questions that guided the debriefing and the day evaluation by bridging the experience with the local realities back home and the professional challenges each of the participants faced in their adult literacy work.

The 5 days Grundtvig workshop resulted in being a vivid experience, full of stimuli, with a constant invitation to think out of the box and to value talents and intelligences of everybody involved. A deep practice to be replicated and adapted in the working contexts the participants were coming from.

As part of their preparation for the workshop, the participants attended a webinar and were invited to do the MI test and read “The Mutiple Intelligences in a Nutshell”.

You can have a look at the webinar content here and at the Workshop’s programme here.

The tools used are collected in a small publication you can find here.



I am using everything I experienced in Vienna almost everyday” (Christina, Denmark)

“I became aware that I need to change my approach in lecturing” (Lara, Malta)

“I will have to create different sets of learning activities that stimulate the different intelligences in the classroom as well as developing them” (Carlos, Belgium)

“Now I know that I will develop my work and give the possibility to everyone to better express himself”  (Mihaela, Romania)

“It was my first international experience and it was amazing” (Gabriela, Romania)

“I have experienced that it is possible to break the traditional way of teaching and learning” (Rossella, Italy)