Authentic communication

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Skills and practices for authentic communication

Vienna, 25 – 28 August 2020

The quote “We cannot not communicate” well sums up the essence of human relations, either in private or professional contexts and environments. However often we find ourselves trapped in communication uneasiness, looking for the right word or gesture, adequate to the moment. This seminar connects you with you inner, authentic communication with the intention to find the communication resources within and around ourselves. We look at some concepts of communication and  we work with and listen to our body.

In detail you

  • Explore how to listen and converse with your head, heart and body
  • Participate in a council where you learn about the magic of speaking out of the moment
  • Learn about key communication concepts based on the Global Competences research and Theory U
  • Learn about the 4 ears of communication of Schulz von Thun
  • Take part in different exercises, which connect your with your body and your inner voice
  • Experience new practices for authentic communication and how this builds trust and self-esteem
  • Exchange ways of communicating as a leader with other professionals from different cultural background(s)
  • Return home with communication practices for implementation in your personal and professional life


Underlying theories and practices:

  • Theory U of Otto Scharmer, Sloan School of Management, MIT Boston
  • Awareness based practices: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulnes Stress Cognitive Theraphy (MSCT) and “The way of Council”
  • 4-sides-model of communication of Schulz von Thun
  • Global Competence, Project Zero Research Institute, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • SPT Social Presencing Theory fo Arawana Hayashi



The course explores communication in all aspects with a special focus on authentic communication and how it can be used in your personal and professional life. We will work with our body to feel and sense and raise the awareness on what our body is telling us. Through new knowledge and active learning methods you benefit from new experiences and ideas on how to face communication challenges in your professional (and personal) environment(s). The course consists of a mix of short theoretical inputs, concrete practices, group discussions and solo reflection moments.

This seminar is offered by Irene Rojnik and Paola Bortini.

Tuition fees

Full fee € 480,- /person

This fee includes the seminar fee and the coffee-breaks. If you need support in finding accommodation we can provide your with a list of hotels, which are close to the seminar venue.

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