LeaderSHIP challenge – your journey to being authentic and inclusive

Location / Date
Online, 5 – 9 February 2024

Join us on our NEW leaderSHIP Challenge – a journey to being authentic and inclusive.

Are you a teacher guiding your pupils or a team of colleagues? Are you a director in a school or organisation? Are you sometimes challenged by your work or your team?

We live in uncertain times, where we all are confronted with ambiguity and fast changes. You are torn in between the will to provide the best education at your school and stress coming from bureaucracy? Multi-tasking and a lack of spare time are making your stress level rise?

Is your ship facing the wind from all directions?  

Then it is time to take care of yourself and connect to the present moment we are all in.

We invite you to participate in a 5-day online leaderSHIP Challenge, where we lead you through moments of reflection, time of discussions and share with you

  • the main qualities of leadership for challenging times
  • what we understand by leading in an authentic way
  • what being inclusive means in terms of leadership

This challenge is for you, if

  • you are in a leadership position or will soon be taking one on
  • you want to enter into a personal learning journey
  • you want to practice generative listening and shift your paradigm from predict and control to sense and respond
  • you want to reflect with people from different countries working in the educational field about leadership and their challenges with it
  • you are searching for your own authenticity
  • you believe in diversity and want to be inclusive in your approach towards others

Your time-commitment – our offer:

  • Monday:          3pm – Please plan for 1 hour.
  • Tuesday:          self-paced sessions about 45 Minutes:
  • Wednesday:   3pm – Please plan for 1 hour.
  • Thursday:       self-paced sessions about 30 Minutes:
  • Friday:             3pm – Please plan for 2,5 hours for this concluding session.

On Tuesday and Thursday, you will receive some material with exercises, which you can do in your own time.

We believe that every person is a leader in some way – as teacher or educator at school or university, as director or manager in a company or organisation, as parents at home or in your circle of friends.

Join us NOW for this leadership adventure. We look forward to connect with you.

Your contribution for the 5-day online LeaderSHIP Challenge:

  • € 45,- / person
  • Early bird until 31st of December 2023: € 35,- / person
  • Bring a friend and you pay together: € 50,-

If you have any more questions, just send a message to our office. You can sign up here.

Alp activating leadership potential, an NGO offering spaces for personal development organises this LEADership challenge. Julia Braunegg, Angelica Paci and Irene Rojnik developed the content and offer the online-sessions.