Open Mind

Open mind means to be receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others. For Scharmer, an open mind is the capacity to suspend judgment and to inquire, to see something with fresh eyes and to have access to our sources of thinking and of our intellectual intelligence. 

A first step in having an open mind is to be curious and to allow yourself to explore what is happening around you and to see something new and unexpected in our daily routine. Two leaders seeing the same situation, can notice two totally different realities and come to very different conclusions. Having an open mind means to look at the world suspending your own assumptions and judgement, trying to see just what is happening. 

An activity on the seminar was, to make a walk and to look at the world as if you see it for the first time being a child exploring colours, smells, textures etc.

The next step is truly listen with an open mind. Transform the fields of conversation from downloading and debate to dialogue and collective creativity. Explore the situation and the world through the eyes of the other person and let yourself be surprised by the future coming up. Transforming the quality of conversation means also to transform the quality of relationships. 

In the training we put an emphasis on creating an atmosphere, where people can use their open mind. We offer moments of generative dialogue, where participants practice deep listening to each other and their own mind, heart and will. We create moments of silence to let the inner knowledge emerge.