Bringing about change

Leadership is about intentional actions that have an impact and bring about change. Otto Scharmer in his book “Theory U” states how successful leadership depends on the quality of attention and intention that leaders bring to any situation. Two leaders in the same circumstances doing the same thing can bring about completely different outcomes, depending on the inner place from which they operate.

In order to find out what really matters to us, what our intention is, we need to look inside ourselves, to listen to others and to connect to the world around us with an open mind, open heart and open will.

If we want to take intensional actions, we need to know our direction.

It is not about re-acting to situations, but about knowing your intentions and carrying out actions from a source of deep knowledge gained through empathic and generative listening.

“What we do is often based on habitual patterns of actions and thought.”

Scharmer suggests not to try to find solutions by looking at patterns of the past, but to sense the solution emerging in the present moment. (=presencing)

Bringing about Change is also about having a visible impact.
We live in a world of constant change yet “the different ways people experience life may result in their having distinctly different attitudes toward change.”
People have to be aware of their own change pattern, but also be able to recognise this in other people. As a leader, you can support others to go through a change process through your behaviour, e.g. leading by example,  inspiring people to explore new territories, being approachable, having an honest approach or by showing trust. 

In the training on Inclusive Leadership we support participants to listen to themselves in order to take the right decision and to allow change to happen in themselves and in the context in which they operate.