Strengths and Intelligences

In this article we looked at the strengths and intelligences from the perspective of Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI).  In the seminar we encourage people to discover the MI that come most naturally for them. They learn how to apply these strengths to their learning tasks.  When a person is conscious of which intelligences come most naturally to them and which require more conscious effort to develop they can create strategies for learning.  Understanding their strengths helps the learner also to improve the areas in which they are weak. We believe that understanding our intelligences gives an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses and therefore helps us to create strategies for our learning and development. “I am taking home the awareness of the strength hidden in my weaknesses and limits.” (participant from  seminar in Malta)

Accepting your own strengths and weaknesses is the challenge

Knowing and understanding their own strengths and intelligences is a first step in becoming more authentic. The second step and the much harder one is the self-acceptance of the true me. Self -acceptance is about understanding, who we are and knowing what we want. It is about valuing our authentic self and being comfortable with our place in the world. Only if we accept our own being, if we accept our weaknesses as well as our strengths, we start acting in an authentic way. This also includes “the capacity to let go of your old self and your old identities and intentions in order to create an open space for your emerging or authentic self to manifest.”[1]

Self-acceptance is about respecting our real nature. It is the first step for being able to accept others for who they truly are. In this perspective self-acceptance is one of the conditions that allow inclusion to happen. The MI support the knowledge about ourselves and the other. Understanding that we all have a unique MI-profile helps to look at others with more open eyes and with less preconceptions:  “I always thought that everybody likes to walk and move in the nature, but I realized that it is me, who need movement in the nature for thinking and reflecting.” (participant from a seminar  in Austria)

You can explore your own unique MI-profile in the seminar on Multiple Intelligences.