Psihoforworld was established in April 2016 as a continuation of the “David Anca Individual Psychology” Cabinet set up in 2012. Legal change was made by expanding the psychological services of our company.

Our main activity is addressed to people with disabilities within the local community, so that – according to case studies – we have developed the following therapeutic programs:

* children with disabilities (autism, mental retardation, Down syndrome and other conditions) have been included in therapeutic recovery programs; in the process of recovery of deficient children we use effective and personalized methods according to case-law (ABA / PECS / Montessori technique) and speech therapy therapy software;

* for young people with disabilities who have difficulty in social integration, we have developed partnerships with schools that offer educational services to young people without disabilities; through the specificities of the activities we implement (sports activities / playful activities / theater and art therapy) we contribute to the development of friendship / communication and cooperation relations between young people with disabilities and young people without deficiencies; we mention that we currently have 250 young volunteers who contribute to the process of social integration of children / young people with disabilities;

* to help raise self-esteem and self-image of parents with children / young people with disabilities, we regularly organize group counseling sessions; we also encourage collaborative relationships between them and institutions / NGOs that offer social services; for guidance and legal counseling we have concluded 2 volunteer contracts with specialists in the field.

The main purpose of our work is to contribute to the social integration of people with disabilities and people with social adaptation difficulties.

As our company profile is in the field of psychology, we currently have 30 volunteers (psychologists and counselors) who contribute to therapeutic activities, so we can provide free psychological services to people in need

Psychologists involved in rehabilitation activities develop different therapies, depending on the needs of each individual: therapy of language / psychodiagnosis / psychological counseling / sensory stimulation using Montessori technique / specific therapies for the recovery of children with autism (PECS and ABA).

We also develop cooperation and communication activities between young people with special educational needs and young people without disabilities. We have social integration activities for people in need. The specific activities of our company are aimed at combating social marginalization, increasing self-esteem and self-image of people with disabilities and their families, in order to increase the degree of social integration within the community.

Our company also develops and highlights the importance of positive thinking, so  people with integrative problems generated by the disability they face, are supported to overcome certain difficult moments in their lives.