Bodywise – wise bodies

In our diverse world, where not everybody speaks the language of the country, where they are living in well, being able to read the signs of our body can support us in creating connections. A simple example: When we enter a room, we can immediately feel the atmosphere – if it is tense or light. This ability of our wise body can be developed, so that unspoken messages become clearer and clearer over the time.

The target group of this project are trainers, who work with marginalized groups of people, e.g. unemployed or migrants, who do not speak the language so well.

In the project “Bodywise – wise body” we alp activating leadership potential are cooperating with 2 other training institutions

want to explore methods that strengthen the sensitivity of our body-language, e.g. dance and theatre methods, mindfulness, social presensing theatre (SPT).

The project consists of 2 main phases:

Bodywise Laboratory – learning and sharing

In the laboratory-phase we meet with internal and external trainers for 5 days in Estonia to explore different body-sensational methods. These methods will then – after the training – be tested in the different settings of the trainers and accompanied by 3 online-trainings.

Bodywise production and dissemination

In this phase we will gather the new methods and results of the laboratory in a manual for trainers (in Italian, Estonian and English). Further we plan to organise a dissemination event in Italy.

The upcoming results will be

  • Wise body Manual with methods for sensing emotions, feelings, thoughts and body sensations as well as for deep listening
  • Wise body Audios and Wise body Videos with practices

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This project is funded with the Erasmus+ contract 2022-2-EEo1-KA210-ADU-000096298 and is running from February 2023 until April 2024.