iMOtion – informal moments in adult education

Covid-19 was putting the world up-side-down für the whole training market. We all – as trainers and educators –  had a big learning curve in creating online trainings, as many of our courses and seminars were transferred to online.

Through the discussions about our experiences in these online trainings, we realized that we all were missing “informal moments”, where we had a chat about the training, but also about many other topics. We missed these breaks in between, where we could – as learners – digest the learnings, relax among friends and colleagues and maybe have the most phantastic ideas about a future projects.

We decided in alp to take up this topic and created and Erasmus+ project, which was approved. The goals of iMOtion is to

  • discuss with other adult educators what “informal moments” are
  • look into research about “informal moments”
  • test methods for online and off-line “informal moments”
  • write a publication with a framework on how we can create “informal moments” online and offline

The results are the following:

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This project is funded with the Erasmus+ contract 2021-1-IT02-KA210-ADU-000034106 and is running from January 2021 until June 2023.