There is a serious exclusion in the workplace towards people who have a disability, such as Asperger. However people with Apserger disorder have intellectual capacities that can highly contribute to society though work placements, specializing in tasks that fit their profile, and in which they stand out for their qualities such as meticulousness, focus on what motivates them, attention to details, honesty, analytical thinking, creativity, preference for routine, memory, good skills in mechanical and repetitive tasks that require a high level of concentration.

On the other hand, some aspects are difficult to handle by people with Asperger disorder, such as  conventions and social norms in the works, the hierarchy, the time in the breaks, the management of conflicts, resolution of problems, personal image, and relation with colleagues.

ALP is partnering with ASPALI, AIJU, SCP and IIAPHS to design and develop solutions to facilitate the integration of people with Asperger disorder into the labour market.

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This project has been funded with the contract number 2019-2-ES02-KA205-013700