Scribble Marathon for diverse pictures

As adult educators we are often trapped in the situation that we try to find stock images that do not fully fit the diverse world, we are living in. If we only find and use pictures of men in leadership positions, if all people are slim, if every person has white skin we re-create homogeneous situations, which are not the reality.

Pictures subconsciously influence our thinking. They transport message about, who is strong, who has something to say and generally how our world looks like. We live in a diverse world with people of different colour, different culture and religion, different sex and gender, etc.

With this project we – alp and 2kroner (Germany) – would like to contribute to the diversity of pictures in adult education. Further we like to poke a discussion about the choice of pictures and what diverse pictures mean.

Find here the results of our project:

This project is funded with the contract 2021-1-DE02-KA210-ADU-000033997 and iwas running from November 2021 until October 2022.