LIND Leadership – Intelligence – Diversity

December 2014 – November 2016
Project Code: 2014-1-AT01-KA204-000938



The project was a partnership with the Physical Education Department of the University of Malta, Kamaleonte from Italy (Educational organisation working with outdoor and experiental learning methods) and Eolas Soileir from Ireland (a charity working and training vulnerable adults in society).

Over two years we researched, discussed and learnt about what it takes to be an authentic and inclusive leader. We developed a Leadership Concept and a Training Frame and ran alltogether 6 Trainings in all of the partner countries.

We believe that leadership starts with oneself. It is a journey that embodies first of all self awareness and personal development. This is what motivated the partners to develop a Training Frame for a personal journey combining different methodological approaches and theories, where leaders can discover their way to authenticity and inclusion.

We are all leaders both of ourselves and others and we believe that leaders, who are able to see the benefit of differences and are respectful and inclusive in their approach, will be in the future more successful in finding ways to face challenges of tomorrow. People need to discover and practice their authentic leadership, as well as acknowledge the authentic potential of the others in order to value different talents and lead with a positive and appreciative approach.

Our leadership concept has in its center the individual in its wholeness and enhances relationships. For this journey, we have identified 10 characteristics or qualities that support people in being more authentic and inclusive (see pictures for details). These characteristics can be nurtured through a process that include reflection, mindfulness exercises and active learning opportunities, where leaders are stepping out of their comfort zone and experience something new.

The handbook with the theoretical concept called “The journey to authentic and inclusive leadership” is available in English, German and Italian.