Inclusive Leadership – a new attitude towards  reinforcing and developing members of disadvantaged groups

 “In Inclusive Leadership you don’t see yourself as ‘centre of the universe’. It’s rather about adopting an open attitude. It’s about supporting a communication that gives others space, allowing them to say everything and collecting their ideas”, describes Christine Weissenberg her approach to leadership. (Full Interview)

Inclusive leadership is about fully accepting others as they are and for what they are in their authentic essence by looking at them on an eye-to-eye level. This require openness and the suspension of judgement.

Alp developed with two partner organizations School for Leaders Foundation, Poland and EU-Fundraising Association, Germany an inclusive leadership approach that offers opportunities for development in the following 4 areas:

  • Practicing Self-Awareness
  • Building Relationships
  • Creating a Shared Vision
  • Creating Change

If you are interested in learning more about the 4 development areas and the 5 pillars of Inclusive Leadership is build on, then here a several opportunities for you:

You want to get in contact with us about individual offers on inclusive leadership, then please send a message to us.

Inclusive Leadership Definition:

Inclusive leadership means having the courage to take conscious steps to break down barriers for people at risk of being excluded from society.

Inclusive leaders embody a leadership approach that appreciates diversity, invites and welcomes everyone’s individual contribution, and encourages full engagement with the processes of decision-making and shaping reality.

The aim of inclusive leadership is to create, change and innovate whilst balancing everybody’s needs.