Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership – a new attitude towards  reinforcing and developing members of disadvantaged groups

Inclusive Leadership Definition:

Inclusive leadership means having the courage to take conscious steps to break down barriers for people at risk of being excluded from society.

Inclusive leaders embody a leadership approach that appreciates diversity, invites and welcomes everyone's individual contribution, and encourages full engagement with the processes of decision-making and shaping reality.

The aim of inclusive leadership is to create, change and innovate whilst balancing everybody’s needs.

Would you like to learn about our new inclusive leadership approach, then join us

  • Date: 21. March 2018, 17.30 - 20.30
  • Venue: Alte Burse, 1010 Vienna, Sonnenfelsgasse 19
  • Language: German and Englisch
  • If interested please sign up here

This project is funded through the Erasmus+ Programme and carried out by 3 organizations:


Project goals:

  • to develop an innovative approach for Inclusive Leadership
  • to introduce an Inclusive Leadership approach into the practice of the leaders of circles such as migrants, refugees, individuals from rural areas and people with disabilities,
  • to increase social competences of leaders working with disadvantaged groups in order to empower this target groups.


A long-term goal of this project is to contribute to the increase of social competencies and the readiness to develop individuals at risk of being excluded from society (e.g. migrants, refugees, inhabitants of rural areas and people with disabilities).